Why Nitch Photography?

Your precious moments are always about the people in your life. These people, particularly your children, are most likely to present you with the most amazing and treasured moments when they are at ease. My preference is to take photos in an environment where you and your family are relaxed. This may be your home, backyard or local park. This session can take up to 90 minutes. Part of this will be my getting to know you and establishing a rapport that will facilitate the atmosphere for capturing the ideal moment.

Have you considered:

  • How a personally designed storyboard could bring a room to life.
  • How your precious moments could become a real talking point for friends and family alike.
  • How fabulous a 16”x24” print could look in an eye-catching position in your entrance foyer.

Think back to visiting your grandparents place many years ago. Wasn’t there was always a prominent photo that caught your eye - always. That photo was invariably of your grandparents’ loved ones – it is a memory - captured and treasured forever!

These are your grandparents “precious moments”. Now is the time for me to capture yours!

Girl Precious Memories... Forever